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  • 211_1778-insta.jpg

    A view from the slag heap

    Charleroi – 2019, April 21 (ISO 100, f5.6 @ 36mm, 1/320sec., 20:01)

  • 171_4879-web.jpg

    Little genesis

    Ostrava, Czech Republic – 2017, July 15 (ISO 100, f11 @ 35mm, 1/125sec., 15:53)

  • 106_3836.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #3

    The sheer size of this slag heap is amazing. It is 250m high, 1100m long and 700m wide and contains 150 million tons of salt. And this is only what you see.…

  • 106_3824.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #2

    This is an image of the opposite direction of my previous uploaded. The main building here and there is an analytical laboratory of one of the biggest potash mines in the world.…

  • 106_3831-cloud-shadow.jpg

    Tell the clouds to leave me alone

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 120mm, 1/500sec., 14:20) This is the slag heap of a potash mine. I don’t know what they will put on the billboard when it is finished but they…

  • 105_3561.jpg

    Völklingen Ironworks, view from the charging platform

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 30mm, 1/125sec., 14:21) I am standing on the charging platform here approx. 27m above the ground and we are looking towards one of the three slag heaps of…