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  • 108_4543-mod.jpg

    ULAP, Berlin center

    (ISO 100, f7.1 @ 30mm, 8sec., 23:25) This area had a very turbulent history. It might be hard to believe that the first settlements started here with gardening and a silkworm breeding.…

  • 106_3738.jpg

    Bonadieshafen, Mannheim

    (ISO 100, f2.5 @ 35mm, 5sec., 21:29) Manfred Hofmann introduced me to this place in the afternoon of that day and of course I had to come back at night.Thank you Manfred.

  • 108_4574.jpg

    Backstage at the French-German funfair, Berlin

    (ISO 400, f5.0 @ 29mm, 20sec., 00:47) This is the largest folk festival and one of the biggest funfairs in Berlin, featuring 150 plus performers, racing roller coasters and a number of…

  • 108_4585-capture-one.jpg

    French-German funfair, Berlin, one hour after midnight

    (ISO 200, f2.8 @ 35mm, 13sec., 01:00) This is a fairground ride for kids. I think I would be scared to death as a 6 year old having to face that guy…

  • 105_3652.jpg

    Leibnizstraße, Saarbrücken Burbach

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 35mm, 30sec., 21:35) Focusing on the antennas in the background I didn’t notice the shadow of the man. I didn’t hear him either because the neighbourhood was pretty…

  • 104_2749.jpg

    Quarry, Little Switzerland, Franconia

    (ISO 400, f5.6 @ 25mm, 176sec., 21:27) This gravel quarry is more than 30 km from Nürnberg (the next bigger city), so hardly any light pollution here at all. Actually it was…