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  • 111-4955-web.jpg

    The moment you realize it #7

    Neuhardenberg, Germany – 2015, August 05 (ISO 100, f11 @ 30mm, 1/125sec., 16:28)

  • 111-4965.jpg

    A tale of two birds

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 15mm, 1/80sec., 16:36) This is a military hangar in the distance. Wernher von Braun did some of his first rocket testings here. During the times of the cold…

  • 102_2368.jpg

    This might get ugly #4

    (ISO 200, f8.0 @ 35mm, 30sec., 23:39) This place might look like an American army base but in reality it is the elaborate setting of a venue for all sorts of events.…