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    Capital letters

    Leipzig, Germany – 2016, June 04 (ISO 400, f8 @ 34mm, 15sec., 23:28)

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    Gasworks Mariendorf, Berlin

    Architects: Schulz & Schlichting Build by the English company Imperial Continental Gas Association between the years of 1900 – 1901. Today the area is used as a commercial park with many diverse…

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    Duisburg harbour scene

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 35mm, 2.5sec., 21:55) This harbour has been fundamentally transformed during the last 20 years. The basis for this model of development in the Ruhr district was delivered in…

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    Au revoir Völklingen

    This is the exit of one of the routes through the main exhibition about the technical details of iron production. They are shown interactively with all kinds of means: Video, images, installations…

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    Railway track, Völklingen Ironworks

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 25mm, 64sec., 22:00) This railway track cuts through the edge between the protected heritage area and the still active part of the iron works. I was composing the…

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    Craftmen’s alley, Völklingen Ironworks

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 35mm, 64sec., 21:39) A look into the Handwerkergasse (craftmen’s alley) of the Völklinger Hütte which is one of the locations of the European Centre for Art and Industrial…