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  • 96_1508-web.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #5

    Berlin, Germany – 2014, December 29 (ISO 100, f11 @ 25mm, 15sec., 23:34)

  • 106_3844.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #4

    This is a shipping terminal close to the potash mine slag heap in my previous upload. And with these images (see below) I am saying goodbye to this landscape – but only…

  • 106_3836.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #3

    The sheer size of this slag heap is amazing. It is 250m high, 1100m long and 700m wide and contains 150 million tons of salt. And this is only what you see.…

  • 106_3824.jpg

    Corporate landscapes #2

    This is an image of the opposite direction of my previous uploaded. The main building here and there is an analytical laboratory of one of the biggest potash mines in the world.…